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“I started on my journey in 2016 with Caroline as my health coach. At that time I had been unwell for quite some time and was overweight. Blood tests were done and my cholesterol was up and insulin levels accelerated. I was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I needed a lifestyle change especially around healthy eating.

Without Caroline’s help and support and advice every step of the way I would not have been able to stick to this “new me”. I lost 24kgs in 9 months and have now levelled out and feel great. Thanks to Caroline and her interest, nurture and understanding.

GAYE S, 76

“When someone comes into your life at just the right time, it’s ideal if it’s someone like Caroline. With her gentle guidance she can share her knowledge regarding health and lifestyle choices that speak specifically to one’s own situation, without judgement or harsh demands. There’s only ever a feeling of support and an air of curious investigation. With the emphasis on making long term sustainable lifestyle changes and not banishing whole food groups! I never felt pressured or forced into decisions – I was always fully on board and involved and never felt I’d been given more knowledge than I was able to handle.  

Caroline provided a toolbox of various options to make small changes at my pace and then time to notice the effects. I never felt overwhelmed and if certain changes just didn’t feel attainable, Caroline was willing to tweak the process, offer alternatives and reroute the journey – I certainly felt that the whole process was all about me and my needs!

She has the gift of being able to intuitively understand what one needs and the compassion, sense of humour and flexibility to make the process of change sustainable and desirable.

I cannot thank Caroline enough for being alongside me as I made shifts through food choices and changes in thought patterns – she’s been my health coach and career mentor as I’ve stumbled through challenging times and come out the other side!”


“Caroline was a knowledgeable ally and supportive mentor on my journey back to mental and physical well-being. She understood my personal concerns, needs and hurdles and assisted me to devise a sustainable plan to improve my quality of life through manageable and effective health and lifestyle changes.


“Caroline offers invaluable insights as a facilitator and health coach, but also as an empathetic and sympathetic human being.

Finding time for myself and my own needs was always an issue. My sessions with Caroline really helped with that, and I now use the tools I was taught almost every day.

Being guided by Caroline left me with new insights into managing my life better, taking back control and feeling physically and emotionally the best I have in years.”

ELSA Y, 46

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